CAD Draughting

CAD Draughting Services

Autodesk AutoCAD

Drawing templates and borders – created or revamped

Update marked up drawings

Detailed manufacturing drawings

Outline drawings

Assembly drawings

Exploded views for instruction manuals

Paper to CAD – 2d/3d

Sketches converted to engineering drawings

Sheet metal flat blank drawings

Drawings can also be produced using Solidworks as part of our 3D Modelling service

Why You Might Want To Use Our Services

An additional resource to your existing drawing department

If you can’t justify the expense in the software, hardware and training but need drawings to get your product made

Layering, line weights, colours, text fonts, dimension styles etc. to customer or project specific standards as required.

Service on Demand

A full understanding of drawings and drawing systems

Competitive rates charged – To obtain a quotation

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